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Kristen Saburn
Life Celebrant

A life that touches others goes on forever

When a loved one passes, you deserve a ceremony that shares their life story and legacy, in a way that is both honest and loving. A Funeral or Celebration of Life has the power to bring your family and community together to share in their grief,  and honor the beauty and fullness of your loved one’s life, beliefs and personality.

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Where it all began?

When I young, I was a server at a special event venue. I would watch in awe as the Officiants would eloquently and elegantly lead couples through these beautiful ceremonies that joined them together for life.  The Officiants were impressive, and I remember thinking "I would love to do that."  

So that is where my journey began!
Now I get to write personal, meaningful wedding ceremonies.  I meet the most amazing couples and share in some of their most memorable moments.

As time went on I felt compelled to bring this unique experience to funerals and end of life celebrations. 
As a trained life cycle celebrant my mission is to help the client create a ceremony that reflects his, her or their beliefs, and personality. I have no preconceived notion of what the ceremony should or must look like. Instead, I will discover what is meaningful to each client. After some brainstorming, I craft the personal ceremony that includes storytelling, meaningful quotations, unique rituals and appropriate music. The result is a custom, one-of-a-kind ceremony that assists the individual, couple, and family honouring, grieving and navigating life’s big and small moments and transitions.  

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Life's Endings

The song has ended but the melody lingers on.

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Perfectly Planned

When a life ends, transformation occurs not only for the deceased, but also for those left behind. 

Every life has a story to tell.  As a Professional & Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, I work alongside you to get to know your loved one's story.  I then craft a ceremony with words and rituals to honour their life and bring comfort to those left behind.   

When someone dies, we not only grieve the death of their physical presence, we also grieve our loss.  It is so important to stop, gather, and hold space to recognize this transformation. Even elephants and gorillas stop to practice ritual and acknowledge the death of one of their own.   End-of-life ceremonies should uplift and connect us at a time when we may feel profound grief and disconnection.  

End-of life ceremonies don't have to be held at a church or a funeral home.  Ceremonies can be held at home, a golf course, a legion, a bar or restaurant, or anywhere else you choose.  

There is no right or wrong time to remember the loss of a loved one through ceremony.  End of life ceremonies can be held months, and even years after a death.

I can also help you to select the music, readings, rituals, and stories that reflect the life, beliefs and personality of your loved one. 

  • Funeral Ceremony

  • Memorial Ceremony

  • Life Tributes

  • Celebration of Life Ceremony

  • Ash scattering and Interment Ceremony 

  • Graveside Ceremony

  • Stillbirth, Miscarriage, Infant and Child Death Ceremonies

  • Living funerals are becoming more common

  • "MAiD" (Medical Assistance in Dying) Ceremony, before and after Assistance.​ ​ 


Stunning and Memorable


Many people now choose to pre-plan their funerals, but they do not think to provide input into their final ceremony.​  In times of terminal illness or assisted death, or even just preplanning because you want to have input into your end of life ceremony, pre-designing your ceremony is becoming more and more common. 
As a celebrant, Kristen is trained to work with you as you co-create your ceremony to reflect your personal wishes and highlight those aspects of your life that have been important to you and that you want to share.  You may select specific readings, music or rituals. You can contribute to your eulogy and provide a personal good-bye within the ceremony.
YOU review and have final approval.  Your predesigned ceremony is then provided to whomever you entrust your plans.
It is a beautiful final gift to your loved ones.



What is the difference between Funerals & Celebrations of Life?

A Funeral is typically held a few days after your loved one passes, and may include a viewing, as well as a graveside service. Allow me to gently guide you and your family across the threshold from living life with your loved one present, to living life with them gone.
A Celebration of Life is typically held several months – several years after the passing. Because the grief is less fresh, this is an opportunity to really celebrate the life of your loved one, and often feels a bit more like a party.

Where does the ceremony take place?

This is your choice, and I will join you and your family wherever you choose to honor your loved one, whether it is at a Funeral Home, private residence, nature area to scatter ashes, or graveside. There is no one way we have to do things, and our options are as unique as your loved one.

What is the process like for working with you?

First things first, reach out to me by phone call, text or email. The next step is for me to meet with you and your family , in person or by video call. This is a chance for you to show me photos and for us to connect and chat about your loved one’s life. Inviting friends and relatives to join us helps me to get a complete picture. 

We’ll talk about music, who will be speaking, and how we can pay tribute to your loved one’s beliefs and unique essence. I’ll leave with a rough plan, and possibly contact info for relatives or friends who were unable to attend but have memories to share. I’ll create a ceremony script, which I will then email to you, and you get the chance to read it over and give feedback. You get final say over every word I say about your loved one.

What about difficult deaths?

A loved one’s passing can be challenging for different reasons. They may have passed at a young age, or in a traumatic way. There may be challenging family dynamics to work through, and in some cases they may have been a difficult person to get along with. As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I am specifically trained in navigating difficult circumstances, and telling the truth in a way that is honest, respectful and loving.

What do you think about involving kids?

Death is a natural part of life, and involving kids in viewings, rituals and ceremonies is a way for them to process their feelings and learn about death. This helps them to grow into adults who are curious and open about death, instead of feeling fearful and avoidant. There are lots of simple ways we can involve kids in ceremonies, and often just having them there can be healing for the adults present.

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As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I take the time to come to your home, and meet with your family and friends, in order to craft a full picture of your loved one’s life.
I create a highly personalized ceremony that shares your loved one’s personality, beliefs and legacy. You receive the script in advance and have final say over every word I speak.

Prices start at $300.

Get in touch for more information and a custom quote.

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